Day 6 – Back to Munich


The drive out of Baden Baden was a little challenging with a road closure that meant doubling back through the city on our bikes to get out of town. Luckily there is no pedestrians at 9 am when we drove through the cobbled mall on our bikes.

We enjoyed more windy and hilly roads through the Black Forest till we got to Herrenburg. After Herrenburg, the tall trees gave way to open fields on flat plains. The straight, flat roads were not very exciting so we headed for the autobahn. But first we stopping for a coffee and croissant at one of the many roadside cafe/bakeries. I never expected the autobahn to be fun as it’s just riding in a straight line but at 150 kph things get interesting. Even at my top speed of 180 kph, cars were passing me like I are standing still. We even got passed by a Fiat 500 which left us in its dust.

Back in Munich we unpacked the bikes, made some repairs and headed for the beer garden in the centre of town. It was a fine Saturday afternoon so the place was packed. Germans love nothing better than to have dinner and a beer (or two) in on of the many beer gardens on a warm summer evening. It was the best way to finish our quick trip.