Day 2 – Würzburg to Füssen (Romantic road)

Map2The sight seeing really stared today with the route from Würzburg to Füssen. It is recommended to take 3 to 5 days driving this route but we choose to do it in a day, which was probably a mistake. The route is fairly well marked with Romantic road signs. But sometimes they are no very obvious so it is very handy to get the GPS track of the route and follow that to avoid overshooting and doubling back.

We got away around 8am so there was no traffic for the first few hours. It was a bit foggy to start with so a later start would have given up better views of the countryside.

Romantic-roadThe Romantic road can be driven, bicycled and walked. Its important to get the GPS track matching your form of transport as they are different routes

It is a beautiful route to travel on motorcycles with a variety of road types from A roads, windy single lane country lanes to cobble stoned streets. There is a wealth of information about the Romantic Road, the following are just some sites we used;

We stopped at the walled city of Nördlingen for lunch and climbed the Saint George’s Church’s 90 m steeple for a great view of the city wall and nearby cities on the horizon. It is quite a tough climb in motorcycle boots but well worth the effort on a clear day.

Back on the road we headed south through more medieval cities but started to run out of time. By 3pm we were well behind schedule and had lost the Romantic road a couple of times. We plowed down the autobahn to make up some time to get to Füssen around 6pm just as it was starting to rain.

Füssen is a Bavarian town in Germany, just north of the Austrian border. Its Gothic castle, Hohes Schloss, houses a regional art museum. The museum of St. Mang’s abbey showcases Füssen’s violin- and lute-making industry. The eclectic Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle lie southeast of the town. Nearby Tegelberg mountain has a ski resort, a panoramic cable car and an alpine slide.

Hotel RofleutenFüssen looked like a happen town but we could not get accommodation in the town, ending up about 18km out of town at Landhotel Röfleuten. Landhotel Röfleuten was a quaint ski chalet which was €112 for a room with 1 double and one single bed including a great breakfast. The owner even provided a garage for our bikes. They have a bar and restaurant with friendly staff. We would recommend this a a great place to stay if you could not find anywhere to stay in Füssen.