Day 1 – Munich to Würzburg

Map1Being a little hung over we got up late, loaded the luggage on the bikes and took the autobahn to Würzburg. The autobahn was a great way to cover lots of miles without to much effort and given we were still getting used to the motorcycles it was a gentle introductory to the bikes. We stopped every 60 km at the highway services to stretch our legs and have a pee. (Note, it cost 70 cents to use the toilets at the highway services in Germany).

IMG_2216Germans love to picnic so it was not uncommon to see families stopped at the motorway service stations with a red and white checked table cloth laid out with bread and cheese. At the service station you can buy food and alcohol.

Because we did not book far enough ahead, we could only find accommodation at the Haus Kunterbunt (20 km from town). It was €102 for an apartment with 3 nice rooms and a fully equiped kitchen. It was a 10 minute walk to the train station with a train into Würzburg every hour. It was a bit confusing buying the train tickets and I am pretty sure we did not validate them but no one checked them so we were OK.

Würzburg is known for lavish baroque and rococo architecture, particularly the 18th-century Residenz palace, with ornate rooms, a huge fresco by Venetian artist Tiepolo and an elaborate staircase. Home to numerous wine bars, cellars and wineries, Würzburg is the center of the Franconian wine country, with its distinctive bocksbeutel (bottles with flattened round shapes).

DSC_0467It appears the in thing to do is have a couple of glasses of wine on the Alte Mainbrücke bridge and watch the river cruise ships move through the dock.