Mitas E-09 Dakar Rear Review

Mitas E-09 NewThe tire is fitted to my KTM 1190 Adventure R. It was mostly ridden on road at around 100kph where the tire gripped very well. During these conditions it did not wear very much.

The previous rear tire was a Continental TKC80 barely lasted 2,300km.

But this tire is for off road and that is where the fun is. It was used mostly in the dry rocky conditions and gravel roads. It hooked up well. I ran high pressure above 35psi to protect the rims.

It wore quicker in the gravel but not as bad as the TKC80. On a 150hp bike with traction control turned off any tire will wear quickly. Although I found the most significant wear was when traveling over 130kph in temperatures above 28°C.

Mitas E-09What was left after 5,000km

As you can see there is less than 1mm of tread left. There was not much traction to be had in the loose stuff but it gripped very well in the sealed road.



Range         : 5,320km (Less than 1mm tread)
My usage      : 1500km gravel/rock. The rest road.
Cost          : A$260 fitted
Road grip     : Good
Dirt grip     : Good
Self cleaning : Very Good
Type          : Tubeless
More info     : AdvRider


IMG_1944Would I buy these again? To date I’ve only tried the Continental TC that came on the bike and these. They were as good as the TKC80 but lasted twice as long. I would have purchased these again but have put a Motoz Tractionator Adventure on the rear just so compare with the