Annke Jump Starter 8000mAh CP-02B


The Annke CP-02 is supposed to be able to jump start your car and be used as a USB power pack.

Mine stopped working so I worked with ebay to get a replacement. The replacement came and I got to keep the broken on too.

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I got this to start my car that is left in New Zealand for months at a time and take with me on motorbike rides for jump starts and to recharge my iPhone, Sena and power my GPS.

I can confirm that it was able to start my 1995 Toyota diesel land cruser which had a flat battery and could not turn over.

USB Power pack

As a USB power pack it is great, plenty of power with a couple of complete iPhone 6 Plus charges in a single charge.

USB cable

The cable is kind of cool as it has both a micro USB and Apple lightning connector in a single cord. What is even more impressive is the lighting cable not only charges but also works with Apple products as a sync cable. Some cheaper lightning cable only charge.


Jump starter

IMPORTANT : I have not used this to jump start a vehicle. When I do I will let you know how it goes. I’ve seen some reviews that say it works and some that say it didn’t. The didn’ts we from people who have not charged it in the last 3 months

But it SPLIT

After the first full charge the case split and USB power port stopped working. I’m not the first person to experience the case splitting but for others the power pack kept working. Not for me 😥. Note the seller sent a replacement and it works great.